Monday, December 3, 2012


well technically its "grate"-ful but really life is GREAT and i am grateful for so many things. here is just a sample of the things I AM GRATEFUL FOR...

3. old friends that come back and share happy experiences!
4. stake conference. families. journaling. waffles.
6. Election Day. God bless America! i am grateful for this beautiful nation and the freedoms i have :)
7. ****** *******. and friends who go along with spontaneous ideas.
8. GIRLS NIGHT! rock climbing and yoga!
9. the Priesthood. and those men in my life who live worthily to have that power and use it when necessary.
10. talents. the fact that we all have certain, specific talents that make us unique. oh. and completely awesome!
11. family. through it all, we are together forever. yay! (happy birthday grandpa!)
12. star trek. who would have guessed that i would EVER say that! haha
13. LEAH TANGEDAL of course! like i literally cannot express how much this girl blesses my life. each and every day. being grateful for leah makes me realize that i am also grateful for hashtags, graceface, snowballs, Smiths, masks, the New Testament, pranks, laughs, crying, languages, learning, competition, etc, etc, etc.
14. modern family date night..
15. the people i know. i have been blessed, and am continually blessed, to interact and come know some really special people. i feel like i remember a lot of people and the experiences we've shared, even if those people are long gone now. but still... "we all enhance each others' lives."
16. sidewalk chalk.
17. my current bishop. and any bishop i have ever had!
20. the sacrifices of friends! thanks ellenstone for turning in my project so i could catch my plane:)
21. being home. i am glad my family lives "close" and i am grateful for the provo airport that flies into DENVER!
22. THANKSGIVING DAY! family traditions. and this amazing holiday that turned my eyes toward Christ and this coming Christmas season.
23. mechanical issues at the airport. although i got home late, i had the opportunity at the airport to observe some really good people. i dont know how i can adequately express how sweet those hours at the airport were, but i boarded the plane for the second time MUCH happier than the first.
24. Flat Stanley. i never had to do Flat Stanley in elementary school or anything, but my seven year old sister is doing it and she thought it would be cool to give him to her "big sister in college!" so i took Flat Stanley around Provo, taking pictures with him at various famous spots. although it was a simple thing for ME to do, i realize how important it is for my sister. building trust is VITAL to all relationships, and it is important to foster that in the young people around us, especially within our families:) i am reminded of the responsibilities i have as the oldest child in my family, and as Abby's oldest sister. i am grateful that i can teach her so hopefully she doesnt make the same mistakes i did. #eternalfamily
25. the women in my life. my grandma and aunt were preparing talks for church while we were at their house saturday night and as they bounced ideas off each other, it was neat to jump into their conversation and share my own experiences. as i pondered this experience later, i realized that i have been blessed to grow up with strong, independent, intelligent women that teach me so much!
26. ward FHE. i didnt realize how much i missed volleyball but tonight i was reminded of something i love a lot and want to get back into!
28. friends, dinner group, modern family. not necessarily "grateful" for modern family, but i am grateful for the fact that, like dinner group, it brings my friends and i together and we can just laugh!
29. productive mornings. took a midterm, went to the mall, got lunch to go, went to the dentist, ate said lunch, went to classes, etc all before 1 pm! days like that are THE best ever.
30. laughter. i havent laughed this much in so long and it feels GREAT just to laugh so hard that i cry!

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